Create a class selector named address and use the value 5px for the margin-bottom property

Edit: I have NO idea what happend, because I was trying on my phone and it passed but it looks the same.
(If anyone sees something different please say!)

I wrote this. No typing errors. looks the same as the other class selector. What’s wrong? Try a thousand times and it didn’t pass.


.address {
margin-bottom: 5px;

Missing semicolon ?

Could you provide complete code?

How do I link the whole code? Or do I copy-paste it?

Sorry, the semicolon was on the code, I just did’t put it there. (It was 2 am, so tired (;

Sorry, I’seen other post where they put the whole code, how do I do that? do I link it or just copy-paste it?

Just copy and paste it into a code block

code here

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