Create a class selector named address and use the value 5px for the margin-bottom property

Edit: I have NO idea what happend, because I was trying on my phone and it passed but it looks the same.
(If anyone sees something different please say!)

I wrote this. No typing errors. looks the same as the other class selector. What’s wrong? Try a thousand times and it didn’t pass.


.address {
margin-bottom: 5px;

Missing semicolon ?

Could you provide complete code?

Without being able to see where you put this code, it is hard to say what is wrong. What is the hint showing when you click the Check Your Code button?

How do I link the whole code? Or do I copy-paste it?

Sorry, the semicolon was on the code, I just did’t put it there. (It was 2 am, so tired (;

Sorry, I’seen other post where they put the whole code, how do I do that? do I link it or just copy-paste it?

Just copy and paste it into a code block

code here