Create a Gradual CSS Linear Gradient4

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    border-radius: 20px;
    width: 70%;
    height: 400px;
    margin: 50px auto;
    background: linear-gradient(35deg,#FFCCCC, RED);



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This is the instruction in challenge.
Read it carefully and it might help you:

Use a linear-gradient() for the div element’s background, and set it from a direction of 35 degrees to change the color from #CCFFFF to #FFCCCC.

And this:

While there are other ways to specify a color value, like rgb() or hsl(), use hex values for this challenge.

can’t pass this test…don’t understand

The challenge wants you to use linear-gradient to make a beautiful background that starts with a color and ends with another one (a combination of colors: the challenge asks for 2 only).

This one => #CCFFFF is the first color.
This => #FFCCCC is the second one.

And this => 35deg is the degree: from where the first color starts to where the second one ends.

Linear gradient takes the degree; first color, and then the second color as in the following:

linear-gradient(35deg, #CCFFFF, #FFCCCC);

To what this linear-gradient should be applied?

It’s up to you to find where it should be used in this challenge.