Create a simple ID card with python

Hi everyone, I need a clue regarding this task.
I was given a project on creating a simple tag to identify visitors. It’s like an ID card that displays the names, purpose of visit and the image of the visitor. The image will be captured using a webcam and will be printed along with the visitor’s information. The print will be similar to an ID card and the visitor will use it as a tag when he’s in our school’s premises.
Because of my familiarity with python, I chose to use either django (web platform) of tkinter (desktop). I’m using openCV to capture the image.
Am I on the right track? If no, is there any simpler yet a better way of approaching the problem?
Thank you.

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Hello Hamid,

I think you should try something with SVG. Its basically XML manipulation, you can built you whole ID card structure, and generate multiples cards at once with basic Python in a Loop iteration over card data.

Maybe this help

Or even the XML built-in from Python if you know the format of an pure SVG.

About the framework you are using, try to first assemble your idea as a Python script isolated, and them port it to whichever Framework you want. I think OpenCV is Okay to deal with the Photos, but maybe there is something more simple, may worth a search over the PyPi repo.

Wish this help you! Reply with Results :stuck_out_tongue: