Create a Stateless Functional Component - confused

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I am having a hard time understanding what this assignment is trying to accomplish as well as understanding the instructions.

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const MyComponent = function() {
  // change code below this line

return (<div className="some string of text" />

  // change code above this line

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The string of text goes between <div> and </div>, just like plain HTML. className is where you put HTML classes that you want to put in the component

it should be like this:

return ( <div> "some string of text" </div>)

Tried that. Didn’t work.

Hi Andrew! I tried again, this morning. Your solution works. Thank you. What is the purpose of div?

<div something/> is to add a property to the div tag.
<div> something </div>is to add text in the div.
just like <h1 color: "red"> </h1> and<h1>color: "red"</h1>
you can try the code to see the difference.

That is a good explanation. Thank you, Andrew! :sunny:

tried many ways in the end this is what work for those who are confused…

**const MyComponent = function() {
// change code below this line


" JSX "

// change code above this line
** For some reason it don’t show but put your opening and closing tag’s like you usually do “div” and “/div”…