Create a variable of just the value of the first, second, and third elements in an array

I am using Javascript in an e-learning tool (Articulate Storyline)
I have created an array in this format:

var myarray = [
{ key: SliderName1, val: Slider1 },
{ key: SliderName2, val: Slider2 },
{ key: SliderName3, val: Slider3 }

having sorted the array, I then need to extract just ‘SliderName#’ of the element for the first, second and third elements as separate variables.

I am (very) new to JavaScript, and the closest I have got is:

var Top1 = myarray[0];
var Top2 = myarray[1];
var Top3 = myarray[2];

but I just require the “key”, not the whole element as a variable to return to the learning object.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

here you have extracted the object

how do you access an object property?

The syntax required by the software is

player.SetVar (">>variable in the software<<",>>variable in the JS<<);

So I have:

var Top1 = myarray[0];

Top1SL = Top1.toString();

player.SetVar ("Top3_1",Top1SL);

(Top3_1 being the variable to be written to in the software)

in general, if you have an object, do you know how to access a specific property value?


var person = {
  name: "Monique",
  age: 28,
  city: "Bergamo"

do you know how to get the value of the name property?

No I don’t. I’m learning using Google and YouTube, and the instructions are always ‘console’-based, which is irrelevant to how I’m using it. I just need to use Javascript to ‘fill in the gaps’ of what the software can’t do natively; in this case, take variables and sort them.

This is the script, which currently returns [object Object] to the Articulate Storyline software:

var player = GetPlayer();
var Slider1 = player.GetVar("Slider1");
var Slider2 = player.GetVar("Slider2");
var Slider3 = player.GetVar("Slider3");
var Slider4 = player.GetVar("Slider4");
var Slider5 = player.GetVar("Slider5");
var Slider6 = player.GetVar("Slider6");
var Slider7 = player.GetVar("Slider7");
var Slider8 = player.GetVar("Slider8");
var Slider9 = player.GetVar("Slider9");
var Slider10 = player.GetVar("Slider10");
var Slider11 = player.GetVar("Slider11");
var Slider12 = player.GetVar("Slider12");
var Slider13 = player.GetVar("Slider13");
var Slider14 = player.GetVar("Slider14");
var Slider15 = player.GetVar("Slider15");
var Slider16 = player.GetVar("Slider16");
var Slider17 = player.GetVar("Slider17");
var Slider18 = player.GetVar("Slider18");
var SliderName1 = player.GetVar("SliderName_1");
var SliderName2 = player.GetVar("SliderName_2");
var SliderName3 = player.GetVar("SliderName_3");
var SliderName4 = player.GetVar("SliderName_4");
var SliderName5 = player.GetVar("SliderName_5");
var SliderName6 = player.GetVar("SliderName_6");
var SliderName7 = player.GetVar("SliderName_7");
var SliderName8 = player.GetVar("SliderName_8");
var SliderName9 = player.GetVar("SliderName_9");
var SliderName10 = player.GetVar("SliderName_10");
var SliderName11 = player.GetVar("SliderName_11");
var SliderName12 = player.GetVar("SliderName_12");
var SliderName13 = player.GetVar("SliderName_13");
var SliderName14 = player.GetVar("SliderName_14");
var SliderName15 = player.GetVar("SliderName_15");
var SliderName16 = player.GetVar("SliderName_16");
var SliderName17 = player.GetVar("SliderName_17");
var SliderName18 = player.GetVar("SliderName_18");

var myarray = [
{ key: SliderName1, val: Slider1 },
{ key: SliderName2, val: Slider2 },
{ key: SliderName3, val: Slider3 },
{ key: SliderName4, val: Slider4 },
{ key: SliderName5, val: Slider5 },
{ key: SliderName6, val: Slider6 },
{ key: SliderName7, val: Slider7 },
{ key: SliderName8, val: Slider8 },
{ key: SliderName9, val: Slider9 },
{ key: SliderName10, val: Slider10 },
{ key: SliderName11, val: Slider11 },
{ key: SliderName12, val: Slider12 },
{ key: SliderName13, val: Slider13 },
{ key: SliderName14, val: Slider14 },
{ key: SliderName15, val: Slider15 },
{ key: SliderName16, val: Slider16 },
{ key: SliderName17, val: Slider17 },
{ key: SliderName18, val: Slider18 }

myarray.sort(function(a, b){
return b.val - a.val;

var Top1 = myarray[0];

Top1SL = Top1.toString();

player.SetVar ("Top3_1",Top1SL);

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that is what happens if you convert an object to a string, that’s why you need to access one of the object properties

Yes. The toString is there in the hope of resolving the issue, but like you say, I need to extract just one aspect of the element to make it work.

I’m assuming the line

var Top1 = myarray[0];

requires more added to it, or perhaps replacing with a slice, but the part I’m struggling with is creating a line(s) that says:

“Take the [first/second/third] element, extract just the ‘key’, and store it as a variable”

if you learn how to access an object property, you can do it, myarray[0] is an object, so you just need to access its key property

Thanks for the advice. I’ve worked out I just needed a destructure line:

var Top1DestructuredLabel = Top1Object.key

It works now!!!

that’s not destructuring, but good job in figuring out how to do it!

though you don’t need a new variable

you can just use dot notation here