Create a video using html

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Hi all! i’m currently working on the product landing page project, and I was wondering if anyone ran into an issue with the video tag? When I tried using it, it just gave me a blank canvas with the controls at the bottom but no media. I ended up using the iframe tag that obtained from copying the embed code of the video. Can anyone explain this to me, please thank you in advance.

Here is what I’ve done so far, its not quite complete. I’m open to critiques, and suggestion.

Not sure what code you were using when you tried the video tag, but when I tried it, I get a CORS error in the console. Basically, Youtube does not want to allow you to embed videos without the extra code that runs on their site (tracking/ad revenue scripts running in the background). Being able to just embed with a video tag would not make them money. That is why you must use the iframe method you chose.

I was looking and maybe the html5 video tag doesn’t support youtube videos, I am not sure. But you could read this