Create buttons + Pop ups


I would like to know how to make 3 customize buttons which each of them after click on it come out a popup.

I just handle HTML and CSS, it is possible with this code?

How can I customize the buttons like the image?

How can I handle the popup? Above all, the position where come out.

P.S.: that popup have more buttons to switch between buttons (maybe this is too much for me :slight_smile: )


Yes, i did something like that in my RWD projects. You can use the : target pseudo selector or even manipulate opacity.

You could have a look at how i wrote it. click on the menu bar, then sign up and see how the form pops out.. But this is the idea i used:

<a href="#div">open div</a>
<div id = 'div'>my box</div>
div {
display: none;
background-color: red;

div:target {
display: block;

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