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I passed the challenge but I just wanted some clarification on what is going on. The directions say that peek is supposed to return the first element so I returned collection[0], if you look at the posted solution they used collection[length-1].

I am having trouble understanding what end of the stack it is supposed to be. Can someone please explain?

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function Stack() {
// var Top = -1;    //an index starting before
 var collection = [];
 this.print = function() {
 // Only change code below this line
this.push = function(val){
 return collection.push(val)
this.pop = function(){
 return collection.pop()
this.isEmpty = function(val){
if( collection.length == 0){
  return true


 else{return false}
this.clear = function(val){
 return collection.length = 0
this.peek = function(val){

 return collection[0]

 // Only change code above this line

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Challenge: Create a Stack Class

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peek() returns top element, not the first. Imagine stack of papers or cards, top element is always the last

Thank you, that challenge is not worded well.