Creating a study time table

Hi folks,

I’m struggling to fit time to study around family and work commitments. In general I tend to try to study once my toddler is asleep and I’ve had something to eat/spent a little time with my partner. Has anyone found any really good templates or guides anywhere? I’m probably going to create my own, but a little pointer would be handy.


I can definitely relate to the challenges of finding time, especially after spending all day at work on a computer.

Unfortunately there is no special tool that will work for everyone as we all have different schedules.
You just have to make sure you are making it a priority. That means allocating time just as you would for work or chores. Usually it means less tv time, or less ‘fun’ time, which you just have to change your mindset. And change what you are working on to make sure you are enjoying as you go.

As for templates. you can have a look at Air table

and do some research on the Pomodoro technique.

And just stay positive, use the forums, find facebook groups of like minded people, and even goto meet ups. Being around others doing what you want to do will always help.