Creating my own Tutorials

I am a C++ Teacher in adult education.
I really love the HTML/CSS/JS tutorials at FreeCodeCamp, which can check your Code. Like the famous CatPhotoApp I used all these years ago to get into front-end development.
Now, I would really love, if there were such a tutorial for C++, which I can give to my students to give them the best possible kind of tutorial.
For this, I would first need to know, how do you call such a kind of tutorial and do you know any good tutorials of this kind for C++?
Second, I would be gratefull if there were a tool from freecodecamp to create new tutorials. (Making the finished tutorial open-source would be no problem.)
Thanks for your help.

freeCodeCamp is open sourced, so you can see how its built yourself here:

It might be a “level of abstraction too far” to build a tool to build tutorials. As by that point your essentially building a tool that can generate an application that can then test an application. It might be more sensible to have an SDK, and keep the developer experience simple enough its easy to add new things. I’m not 100% sure where freeCodeCamp’s curriculum stands, but it does take a lot of time and work to build out new aspects of the curriculum.

There are however other ways to teach, something as simple as a youtube video can provide a lot of content, and not be as difficult to produce.

I don’t know of any off the top of my head, so I can’t help in this aspect.