Creation of a Local Study Group

I have started organizing a Local Study group in my city. All the problem that I face is that many students here are unaware of the fact that how important is coding at present to crack a job in near-future. So I just started a study group in my home with some of my friends. We are popularising the group as fast as possible and finding out that yeah…they do want to learn to code and create ! The situation of my city is not like that of Chicago or any other city in the US, so what more I can do for the Group ?? Believe me, The Study Groups are really Awesome !

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Have you started an official FFC Group?

Next thing I would try is posting in local Facebook groups, if you community has such a thing. Or post filers where allowed, coffee shops/schools, with a tear-off website info + QR code to your group.

But when I wanna create the issue on GitHub it says that the repo is archived by the user ! What can I do now ?? The Facebook group is created, find it here :

Oh ya. I forgot. there was a sour with “MeetUp” which was used;

There is more info here and I honestly don’t know the whole story:

It looks like FCC “Chapters” is the path forward. But a timeline for that I have 0 idea to even estimate, with the HUGE curriculum upgrades and addition of python.

I really don’t know the vision of the project or timeline; last I see on the GitHub for chapters was Dec 24th.

BUT, if you want to start a Discord for your community I will help as much as i can!