Cristiano Ronaldo Tribute Page

Hey campers,

Hopefully this is the first step to bigger and better things. I’m 24 so it’s about time I started doing something with my life. I took quite a bit of time making this perhaps longer than I needed to. I’m a terrible procrastinator so it took a couple days to polish it and get it ready (I know it doesn’t look like it). I also wasn’t sure if he needed to be dead for it to be a tribute. I checked the definition of tribute and I don’t think so.

Sorry about the life story but I’m curious about what others think and if you have any suggestions. Thanks :slight_smile:

Cristiano Ronaldo Tribute Page

I feel you man. Good job!

Good job dude. You are too strict with yourself! Keep It up! Good work! My friend made a site about Ronaldo ( See how it is made and tell your opinion.