I am currently trying to create a simple restaurant’s Point of Sale from scratch, referring to the issue tracker project as the base model (package, file system).

At one point I was getting an error with my form, that instead of POST request as I defined in the route, the form was doing a GET request in the browser. It was resolved by adding a formmethod='post' attribute in the button of my html form.

To put it simple, why the issue tracker can do CRUD without having formmethod='post' as attribute in the html form. Is it because of JQuery is being used? or anything else? I checked that Exercise Tracker has the attribute. Even in that exercise tracker, the attribute only exists in the add exercise form, not the add user form.

I am asking this because I assume that at this point my app could only perform CRUD only using GET and POST as I am limited by HTML form. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Thanks for the help to clarify this.

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Indeed, HTML5 doesn’t support PUT and DELETE yet.

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