Crypting TOOL (cipher)

Free Online Crypting TOOL -

As is well knowned for a few good years, we are constantly monitorized in the online environment about what we do and especially what we write, what messages we send, what emails we receive etc. If you want to have privacy and to be sure that your messages can’t be intercepted, and especially deciphered, I recommand you this web application that can encrypt and decrypt any text message.

All you have to do is to use a certain encryption key of your choice (milions of encrypting combinations), then click on the “Encrypt Message” button and the magic will happen. You will have a completely encrypted text that you can send to anyone you want.
Attention, in order for the text to be decrypted, it is necessary to use the same key that it was originally encrypted. Enter crypting keycode, paste the encrypted text, then click on the “Decrypt Message” button. Your decrypted message will appear, instantly. Simple, right?

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