CSS borders have properties like style, color and width


1.Your img element should have the class smaller-image.
2.Your img element should have the class thick-green-border.
3.Give your image a border width of 10px.
4.Give your image a border style of solid.
5.The border around your img element should be green.

there are 5 tasks
I resolve 1 and 2
I thinking about my code , is right
But tasks not green yet

Hey @berouz! It looks like this part of your code:

<img class="class1 class2">

is what’s causing the exercise to fail. The instructions were just using that as an example rather than something you needed to do. My guess is, having another img tag there at this stage in the project is throwing the checker off. Removing that should do the trick.

Thank you))
İ thinking about there are two class) "smaller-image thick-green-border"
And I write code as shown there