CSS bug problem question?

Have you ever face a problem when you try to make your navbar fixed on top and your all content below the navbar has moved behind the navbar and when you try to fix that problem through margin-top: var(--navbar-height) and your navbar moved down with your content with navbar height?
My question why this problem occur anybody help me?
codepen link -
codepen link

Hi there,

Use padding instead of margin :slight_smile:

And as kind suggestion, try not to put any swear words in your content when you send out your codepen for other people to check. Maybe it’s only me but I find it quite unpleasant when I open the codepen and first thing that I see is:

Fu**** heading

This should answer your question:

Ohh! I understand, I will just little frustrated while using CSS and I know It quite unpleasant to see such kind of words anyway thank you for your suggestion😅

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