Css column-count with title

trying to apply column-count: 2; to a set of 8 checkboxes without having a p tag included in the columns, but still inside my div with class=‘inner-container’

I’ve added a few comments to the bottom of my CSS, and above the HTML where I’m running into the issue.

column-count is not working with the #checkbox-column-wrapper because it gets overwritten by .form-group

You can add the following to some of your selectors to see how you have your elements set up;
border: solid 1px red;
change the color of you’d like to see different elements easier

hope that helps

EDIT: Thought about it after I hit <enter>. You can make your section more semantic by using fieldset rather than a div.
If needed, review the use of the fieldset element for better accessibility lesson.

Coming along slowly.

Now to just get my checkboxes and labels aligned

edit: got that figured too now. thanks friend. your answer was most conducive to actual learning

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