CSS - Green border cat image

Can someone help me seeing what I’m missing? Really not sure, the border is already green and it says it’s not.

Maybe try to change the class to something else…?

yeah, and it literally says to name it “thick-green-border”

…just try it…

Focus on the last sentence…What element should have the green border…???

The class is applied to the img element, the css border-color: green; is also applied and the result shows properly. I really can’t figure it out what is wrong

Please ensure that you have disabled any extensions that interface with the freeCodeCamp website (such as Dark Mode and Ad Blocker), and set your browser zoom level to 100%. Both of these factors can cause tests to fail erroneously.

Change the element - for color…, go more straightforward. Do not use the class… :slight_smile:

Thank you guys! it wasn’t the code, it was, actually, a plugin interfering with the website :smile: