CSS Grid Garden exercise 28

hi everybody,
i do exercise CSS grid on Grid Garden and don’t understand exercise 28. i try doing it but haven’t received this answer.

Your garden is looking great. Here you’ve left a 50 pixel path at the bottom of your garden and filled the rest with carrots.
Unfortunately, the left 20% of your carrots have been overrun with weeds. Use CSS grid one last time to treat your garden.

Please help me.

Hey there,

please describe what you mean by “don’t understand exercise 28”.

Do you understand 50 pixel path at the bottom?
Do you understand the left 20% of your carrots have been overrun with weeds?

Hi seal,
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Since you are on the last exercise, I assume it is obvious to you that we are expected to use the shorthand grid-template: here. In the previous exercises it was defined as:
grid-template: rows / columns;

In pseudocode we could rephrase the instructions as:
row 1: greatest available height
row 2: 50px

column 1: one fifth of the total width
column 2: four fifths of the total width

Remember that in exercise 23 we got introduced to the new ‘fraction’ unit. It is useful to express values as described in row 1 and the columns.


I have used grid-template, but I don’t know how to describe row 1 height.
This is my code but it don’t work successfully.

grid-template: 1fr 50px / 100%;

This mean is that row 1 is all space (1/1) expect 50px for row 2. And the column is one column (100%).

hi, this mean I don’t know how to code. By this word, I need a hint.
Sorry my English isn’t good.

thanks you very much. I need to research it more.

Great work,

you finished the first task with 1fr 50px
Now you have to divide the columns .


@seal.seal like Miku said, how you split the rows before the / is fine. Now you need to split the columns. Remember how you can create fractions with fr:


You need 1/5 + 4/5 as columns.