CSS is not working with my tribute page or survey projects

I assume its my lack of understanding with css, but any css I have tried to implament with my html doesn’t seem to work. I passed both projects but I wanted to spruce them up and practice my css. Anyhow here are the links, if someone could try some css and let me know if it works for them I would appreciate it and know its me who needs practice. Thanks.

Tribute page…https://codepen.io/funboy1986/pen/xxRVvqm

Survey page…https://codepen.io/funboy1986/pen/XWNxXWB

Hi @funboy1986

Welcome to FCC forum.

I don’t think you are using codepen right.

  • Do not enclose your css code in style tag in the CSS window. Just write your CSS code and codepen will take care of linking your CSS with your HTML.
  • In the HTML window, simply add the contents of the body tag. The contents of the head tag will go inside settings (stuff for <head> input field).

Aside from what @nibble said, you could probably add some color to the background or reduce the size of the image so its 300px wide and centered in the display.

Omg lol! Once I took the tag out it all worked. Thanks for the clarification.

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