Css step 53 not solving

Uploading: image.png… what is wrong with the code. As instructed, the 3 article elements have been added each with nested p elements. All the dessert and price classes have been added to the p elements

What do the tests sat?

Your .dessert elements should have the text Donut , Cherry Pie , Cheesecake , and Cinnamon Roll .

Check your spelling in those elements

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spelling checked as well as the syntax. in fact i copied the text

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We all know The Big Bang theory. And Penny is working not in a Chessecakefactory.

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If you did you wouldn’t have a spelling error

You should observe carefully becauase i can see an error on the spelling in one of the ‘h2’ tags

as you get the answers and you change your code could you send your changed code…
and could you paste your code not a screen shot?

@jasper2 @AEpython it’s awesome you want to help, but maybe search for recent posts that don’t have an answer? For example, this search is for recent posts that don’t have answers, this other search is for posts that are not marked as solved.

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yh thanks for that kinda search engine thing were do i fined it? without your link

it’s the forum advanced search

where do i go to fined it?

upper right corner  

ok, i
found it thanks…

Thank you for the awareness, ill keep improving my forum skills as we speak.

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