Css3 -w3css bootstrap?

Hopefully someone might be able to clarify for me. I assume that css3 is the latest version of CSS, then there’s w3-css which is w3’s built in responsive css with classes and without the use of javascript, etc. then there is bootstrap again css foundation classes for responsive design. So having said all that when do you know which to use…this is sooooooo confusing!! Again any help is appreciated. thanks …

CSS is the language, and 3 is the current (living, changing) standard that we should have for a long time to come. W3.css, Bootstrap, Foundation, and others are called frameworks. They’re sets of pre-written CSS code that you can include in your project. When you use their code, you can simplify a lot of common tasks, like positioning elements on the page or creating responsive designs, but remember that it’s just CSS. In fact, you can almost always read the code because the best frameworks are completely open source. Here’s Bootstrap 4. The main file is quite large and you shouldn’t expect to understand it, but you can see that it’s nothing more than well-written CSS:

I’d suggest that you stick to using Bootstrap for a while, but always be willing to modify elements when you want something specific. Create your own classes and designs. Before long, you’ll feel confident about writing your own CSS.

can you mix css with bootstrap and w3css

You can and should be writing your own CSS along with Bootstrap, W3, and any other framework you use. If you didn’t, your site would look quite boring. What you cannot do is mix Bootstrap with W3 or any other framework. You’ll want to pick just one and work with that.