Curriculum Development

I’ve been working on the curriculum development projects. One of the Python project titles should be updated.

Instead of “Learn Concurrency by Building an Avatar Image Downloader”,
the new title should be “Learn Concurrency by Building a Prime Number Solver”

This new project will have less dependencies and be easier to run locally. There are no HTTP request to worry about.

You can see the code I developed here:

I’ve now completed the code for all 5 Python practice projects and all are in the CurriculumExpansion repo.

We need to update the first Python certification project. It was “Text aligner”. I did not realize that Python already had built-in functions to align text. My new idea is “Vertical arithmetic formatter”. I wrote out an entire project description. Is this all I should do for the certification projects for now or should I start working on tests for these projects? Also, is it absolutely necessary to develop solution code to these projects?

Students in prirmary school often arange arithmetic problems vertically
to make them easier to solve. For example, "235 + 52" becomes:
+  52

Create a function that recieves a list of strings that are arithmetic
problems and returns the problems arraged vertically and side-by-side.

For example:

arithmetic_arranger(["32 + 698", "3801 - 2", "45 + 43", "123 + 49"])

   32      3801      45      123
+ 698    -    2    + 43    +  49
-----    ------    ----    -----

The following rules apply:
* Accepts only addition and subtraction operators.
* Accepts between one and five problems.
* Each number in problem is between one and four digits long.
* Numbers should be right-aligned.
* There should be a single space between the operator and numbers.
* There should be four spaces between each problem.
* There should be dashes at the bottom of each problem in length of problem.