D3 React Scatter Plot

Hello fellow campers,

I just finished building my second data visualization using D3 and React. I would love to hear your feedback on the code, visual presentation, user experience, or performance improvements.


Many thanks to @ manjupillai16 for helping troubleshoot a React-related bug that cost me many hours of sleep.

hi @felavid. your scatterplot is nice. here are some things i noticed:

  1. the title is cut off at the top of the page (you can only see the bottom half of it)
  2. on the y-axis, it would make more sense to put the times from least to greatest rather than greatest to least
  3. you might want to make the key in the top right slightly bigger with a darker background. this would make it stand out more

these are all just my personal opinion, though (with the exception of #1). the page is great! keep up the good work : )

Hi, @ecouch23. Thank you for taking the time to review the project and provide thoughtful feedback.

  1. Yes, I need to spend time polishing the CSS layout.
  2. For these data, I think it makes sense to have the first place (lowest time) at the top.
  3. I’ll play around with the legend a bit. I see the font size is quite small. May need to increase the overall canvas dimensions as part of my CSS tweaking.

Thanks again!

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