D3 Scatter-plot Y-axis value not align with circle elements

The data-yvalue and its corresponding dot should align with the corresponding point/value on the y-axis.

I am doing the 2 project of Data Visualization Project.
I am stuck on 8 test, dots are not align with Y-scale values


const yValue = d => d['Time']

const yScale = d3.scaleTime()
.domain(d3.extent(dataset, yValue))
.range([0, innerHeight])

It doesn’t pass the test

I just checked and it passes. Did you fix it or are you having some other issue?

I just checked it doesn’t passed.
I don’t know what seems to be wrong.
Thank you for your reply

I just checked it again and it passed all tests on current chrome. You may need to try a different browser, try your browser’s private mode, or turn off any browser extensions. Usually these problems can be debugged but without an error it’s a lot harder to find a problem.

It doesn’t pass, I checked my solution again .
I also checked in Firefox browser and in incognito mode like you suggested.

Still passing for me. The tests run in your browser and do some basic DOM inspection to check the project, so the next check would be any customizations (light/dark mode, etc.) or extensions you might be running which may have some effect. Or if possible, try a different computer.

Thanks for your help. I just checked with UC browser and it passed the test.

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