D3 Treemap Diaggram - Feedback Welcome!

I’ve completed the last project in freeCodeCamp’s Data Visualization certification. It’s taken a long time, and I’ve learned so much. I also feel very thankful for fCC.

I build this project using Vue.js, but the test still pass on initial loading (but not after selecting the other maps, which is fine and expected). The link to the github repo is at the bottom of the page. If you’re unfamiliar to Vue, look at src/components/Treemap.vue for where I implement D3 to draw the map, legend, and tooltips; the Treemap.vue component watches for changes in the parent component, src/App.vue, to fetch new data, erase the old svg elements, and draw the new ones. (I’d be happy to explain more about Vue, its lifecyle, props, etc. if anyone is curious.)

I’m looking for any feedback on usability, design choices, even best coding practices! Thank you for looking :slight_smile:

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