D3 visualisation

When I tried to set the tooltip attribute with the corresponding data-year value and run it, it failed.
//here is my code with the mouseover event handler scope
tooltip.attr(“data-year”, d.Year)

For us to help you with this, we’ll need a little more context.
Can you share your full code please (or a link to it)?

okay, here is the link to my code

Since d3 v6 you are required to pass ‘event’ as the first argument to mouse listeners:

So just change this:

let mouseover = d => {

To this:

let mouseover = (e, d) => {

…and your tooltips should work properly.

Thanks for your suggestion, but it didn’t pass the test.

When I made that single modification to your pen, all tests passed and the tooltips worked properly. When I click through to your pen, it doesn’t look like you’ve modified the code.

Well, I figured I should add e.preventDefault(), and it works.

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