Data Analysis with Python Course Problem

Hi there, I was trying to do the exercises for the first lecture of the “Data Analysis with Python Course” and I can’t seem to execute my code?? I get an error message saying “name sales is not defined” idk what to do. Could someone pls help? Thank you :slight_smile:

Read again, that’s not the error. The error is “FileNotFound”.
Meaning your code couldn’t find the file you wanted to read_csv.
Please make sure you downloaded the file and have it in the correct path with the correct name.

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The error you get is because you are providing a wrong file path.
You need to define the file path correctly.
Note you can also change the name of the path to make it less complicated.
For example:

Hope this helps.

I am new, new to data analysis. I have only been studying Python for a few days. I am working towards the Data Analysis with Python Course and I am on lesson 16/28. I understand the material but I have not been able to complete a single exercise or practice what I am learning because I can’t get github or notebooks to work. How do I access the exercises or at least the data so I can I import it into Jupyter Labs?
Thanks for your time.

You have a problem with the path. Python is not seeing the file you are trying to access in your current directory.
You can use os.getcwd() from the ‘os’ module to check the directory you currently in. And if its the wrong directory you can use os.chdir() to direct it to the right directory.
Hope this helps

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