Data Analysis with Python - Example B - Sakila DVD Rental Database


I’m currently making my way through Data Analysis w/ Python course, and I made it to the Example B about halfway through the video. I’m trying to include the Sakila DVD Dataset in my notebook, but I am having problem loading the dataset.

I am trying to load the dataset.

I have tried a couple of things:

  • I tried to link the data into the notebook
  • I tried to upload the dataset and reference the dataset

I’m not sure if I have the correct dataset. I’m getting it from here, which is referenced in the Github notebook. Can someone please assist me in integrating this dataset? Thank you.

I don’t remember exactly how I got it, but you need to have the sakila.db file locally to your Jupyter notebook. I did mine locally in VSCode so had to put the DB in a data directory in the same directory as my notebook, but if you’re doing it on Google Colab I believe there is a data link on the left where you would put it. Do you have a link for the class (can’t remember which this was). I though the class had a link that allowed me to open it in Colab which then had the database on the left side that I could download.

Wait, as I was looking around, found the repository where it had the data.

Its the same repository as where you got the notebooks, but there was a data folder.

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Thank you, kinome. I feel foolish for having overlooked that folder. I thought I looked in there, but I guess I was wrong. You are a gentleman and a scholar. All the best, my friend.

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