Data Analysis with Python Exercise

I found some topics about this issue, but seems the course has turned to a payed course and i can’t acces any material.

Any ideas on this issue?

Thanks a lot!

Hello there,

Would you mind sharing the lesson and link to course material you are trying to access?

For example

Are you saying you cannot access the resources on GitHub? ine-rmotr-curriculum/freecodecamp-intro-to-numpy (

I’m sorry, the course just before this one only had an exercise that was a sum. Everything is working perfectly!
My mistake.

Thanks for this amazing courses for free, and the quick response :smile:

Glad you are able to continue :smiley:

I am having trouble running the exercises through Google Colab… it seems when i Run the code in the notebooks, it can’t access the source dataset which is also in the Github repository. How can I fix this?

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Hey @chelseaj330!
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I suggest you to create a new topic.