Data Analysis with Python Mean-Variance-Standard Deviation Calculator

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I’m getting an error when submitting this code. The error states that ValueError is not raised by calculate. However, when ran on my own IDE, the ValueError is raised.

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def calculate(a):
arr = np.array(a)
arr = np.reshape(arr, (3, 3))

    mean_row = np.mean(arr, axis = 0).tolist()
    mean_col = np.mean(arr, axis = 1).tolist()
    mean_flat = np.mean(arr.flatten()).tolist()
    mean_list = [mean_row, mean_col, mean_flat]

    var_row = np.var(arr, axis = 0).tolist()
    var_col = np.var(arr, axis = 1).tolist()
    var_flat = np.var(arr.flatten()).tolist()
    var_list = [var_row, var_col, var_flat]

    std_row = np.std(arr, axis = 0).tolist()
    std_col = np.std(arr, axis = 1).tolist()
    std_flat = np.std(arr.flatten()).tolist()
    std_list = [std_row, std_col, std_flat]

    max_row = np.max(arr, axis = 0).tolist()
    max_col = np.max(arr, axis = 1).tolist()
    max_flat = np.max(arr.flatten()).tolist()
    max_list = [max_row, max_col, max_flat]

    min_row = np.min(arr, axis = 0).tolist()
    min_col = np.min(arr, axis = 1).tolist()
    min_flat = np.min(arr.flatten()).tolist()
    min_list = [min_row, min_col, min_flat]

    sum_row = np.sum(arr, axis = 0).tolist()
    sum_col = np.sum(arr, axis = 1).tolist()
    sum_flat = np.sum(arr.flatten()).tolist()
    sum_list = [sum_row, sum_col, sum_flat]

    keys = ['mean', 'variance', 'standard deviation', 'max', 'min', 'sum']
    values = [mean_list, var_list, std_list, max_list, min_list, sum_list]

    calculations = dict(zip(keys, values))

    return calculations

except ValueError:
    return "List must contain nine numbers."

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Challenge: Mean-Variance-Standard Deviation Calculator

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The except ValueError should be a raise, like this:

raise ValueError("List must contain nine numbers.")

If not, the UnitTest will not match your message with the expected message

Yes, this worked! Thank you so much.

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