Data Analysis with python-Mean-Variance-Standard Deviation Calculator

Stuck on my first data analysis with Python. I’m trying to run the code but the error: Use run command
sh: line 1: Use: command not found
exit status 127… keeps showing up, 2 straight days trying to solve it. Also tried to install the Numpy lib with no luck…because in my code its underlined in red and error: Import “numpy” could not be resolved… shows up also thought maybe the package isn’t present in the environment.
Any help guys? Am new to the forum also.

In the .replit file add this line:

run = "python3"

might need to enable “show hidden files”.

(need to replace or edit this line:
run = "Use run command")

what does it mean when it says numpy could not be resolved?

at the shell command prompt type pip install numpy

Thanks…but still encountering the same problem…even tried to write a different code :sleepy:

You mean the “could not be resolved” warning?

When you run your code, does it run numpy, or you get a numpy not installed error?

Maybe this error is specific to pyright and doesn’t effect running your code.

Here’s the code…Help me identity the problem

In the .replit file add this line:

run = "python3"

Screenshot 2023-10-02 073220

Thanks…Finally got it done.

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