Data Analysis with Python Projects - Demographic Data Analyzer

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Can you please explain how to access projects files to start working on them? I tried searching files names in replit but was not successful.

Please assist

Thank you

Challenge: Data Analysis with Python Projects - Accessing Projects files

when you ask for help about a challenge/project please do not remove the link in the template. The project page includes the links to the boilerplate on github or replit, the files are in there.

I will resubmit inquiry and include the links - thank you

You can just edit your post and add the link now. (Please do not create a duplicate topic)

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Tell us what’s happening:
How to access projects

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Challenge: Data Analysis with Python Projects - Demographic Data Analyzer

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you can find the needed files in the given link

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Thank you kindly for help!

while trying to run replit it throws an error:


File “”, line 3
This is the boilerplate for the Demographic Data Analyzer project. Instructions for building your project can be found at
SyntaxError: invalid syntax


Can someone please guide me through what am I doing wrong?

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