Data Analysis with Python Projects - Mean-Variance-Standard Deviation Calculator Problems

I don’t know why the following code is not working with the test solutions. I think I’m having issues with the formatting they want, but I can’t figure out how to correct it.

def calculate(list):
  if len(list) != 9:
    raise ValueError("List must contain nine numbers")
  meanaxis1 = np.mean(list, axis=0)
  meanaxis2 = np.mean(list, axis=1)
  meanflat = np.mean(list)
  varaxis1 = np.var(list,axis=0)
  varaxis2 = np.var(list,axis=1)
  varflat = np.var(list)
  stdaxis1 = np.std(list,axis=0)
  stdaxis2 = np.std(list,axis=1)
  stdflat = np.std(list)
  maxaxis1 = np.max(list,axis=0)
  maxaxis2 = np.max(list,axis=1)
  maxflat = np.max(list)
  minaxis1 = np.min(list,axis=0)
  minaxis2 = np.min(list,axis=1)
  minflat = np.min(list)
  sumaxis1 = np.sum(list,axis=0)
  sumaxis2 = np.sum(list,axis=1)
  sumflat = np.sum(list)
  calculations = {
  'mean': [meanaxis1, meanaxis2, meanflat],
  'variance': [varaxis1, varaxis2, varflat],
  'standard deviation': [stdaxis1, stdaxis2, stdflat],
  'max': [maxaxis1, maxaxis2, maxflat],
  'min': [minaxis1, minaxis2, minflat],
  'sum': [sumaxis1, sumaxis2, sumflat]}

  return calculations

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Did you checked the type of returned data?
The values in the returned dictionary should be lists and not Numpy arrays
As I see you return numpy arrays instead of python lists.
If you don’t know how to change the type, then use google search: np array to list


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