Data Analysis with Python Projects - Mean-Variance-Standard Deviation Calculator

TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for -: ‘dict’ and ‘dict’
Hello, I’ve done my code… but it seems like the test package cannot directly compare dict to dict, which they use
diff = abs(first - second)

I 've tried to change my return from dict to str , but instead now it say 'TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for -: ‘str’ and 'dict

what can I do in this kind of situation ?

import numpy as np

def calculate(lst):
    lst = np.array(lst)
    if np.shape(lst) != (9,):
        raise ValueError ('List must contain nine numbers.')  
    input = np.reshape (lst,(3,3))
    calculations = {}
    mean_ax1 = np.mean(input, axis=0)
    mean_ax2 = np.mean(input, axis=1)
    mean_all = np.mean(input)
    calculations['mean']= [mean_ax1.tolist(), mean_ax2.tolist(), mean_all.tolist()]

    var_ax1 = np.var(input, axis=0)
    var_ax2 = np.var(input, axis=1)
    var_all = np.var(input)

    calculations['variance']= [var_ax1.tolist(), var_ax2.tolist(), var_all.tolist()]

    std_ax1 = np.std(input, axis=0)
    std_ax2 = np.std(input, axis=1)
    std_all = np.std(input)

    calculations['standart deviation']= [std_ax1.tolist(), std_ax2.tolist(), std_all.tolist()]

    max_ax1 = np.max(input, axis=0)
    max_ax2 = np.max(input, axis=1)
    max_all = np.max(input)

    calculations['max']= [max_ax1.tolist(), max_ax2.tolist(), max_all.tolist()]

    min_ax1 = np.min(input, axis=0)
    min_ax2 = np.min(input, axis=1)
    min_all = np.min(input)

    calculations['min']= [min_ax1.tolist(), min_ax2.tolist(), min_all.tolist()]

    sum_ax1 = np.sum(input, axis=0)
    sum_ax2 = np.sum(input, axis=1)
    sum_all = np.sum(input)

    calculations['sum']= [sum_ax1.tolist(), sum_ax2.tolist(), sum_all.tolist()]

    return calculations

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Challenge: Data Analysis with Python Projects - Mean-Variance-Standard Deviation Calculator

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hahaha.. thank you Randell sorry for a silly mistake

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