Data Analysis with Python Projects - Page View Time Series Visualizer

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I am stuck at the bar plot part of the code. For some reason I cannot come up with a proper solution. Any starting tips would be great. (I finished line_plot btw. tests work and I get the desired graph for that.)

Challenge: Data Analysis with Python Projects - Page View Time Series Visualizer

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What are you getting so far? Need to show some code or output or replit link. Not really much to go off of here.

You can also search the forum for “Page View Time Series Visualizer” because many people have likely run into the same problems and it’s been answered before. Tons of insight be be had this way

Hello, here it is. You will notice that my code is working but the tests are giving errors. Thats because (in my theory) I changed “fig.savefig” to “fig.figure.savefig” and I do not know how to revert to an expected form.

Why did you do that? That’s in a section labelled “don’t change this part” right?

That was me trying to figure out plus looking from the internet for potential help

What error were you trying to solve?

I would undo that and don’t change anything where it says “don’t change this”

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Yes I noticed that, worked on it, an solved it btw. Thanks for your help yet again my man. Even this was a weird topic, me failing to describe my question pushed me to solve it. As for the error. even though I got the desired graph, I was still seeing fails on the test (all of them)

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Nice! Glad to hear it!

I’m still curious what the error and solution were, can you please share?

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