Data Handling and Update Strategies in Front-End Development

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I have a question about user data on a website. When a user logs in, does their data come in as one cohesive object or as separate pieces? Additionally, when a user makes changes to a specific part of their data, do we send the entire object back to the database via an API, or do we update only the specific part that has changed? I’m interested in understanding the common scenario that most front-end developers deal with, taking into account potential differences in technologies.

It is important for me to understand the scenario to know how to deal effectively with the database. This understanding will make it easier to grasp, especially when you start working on a project that has already accomplished a significant amount of work.

It depends, but usually if they are changing a single field of a data object, the whole object is sent as part of the relevant API endpoint.

thank you for your response but I really need more clarifications .

Do you have additional questions?

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