Debugging practice repo - Anyone interested?

Backstory: I’ve been working my way through the front-end projects, and am increasingly frustrated at my inability/ lack of understanding how to debug the JavaScript that I write. I’ve tried to use the devtools build in debugger, but I find it very confusing and unintuitive and usually end up going back to using console.logs and manually stepping through the various possibilities (So far I’ve always figured it out in the end btw).

As far as I can tell there just aren’t any really good hands-on resources for learning how to debug JavaScript. There are videos and articles, but I’ve never managed to learn something by watching/reading about it. I think I read somewhere that the new FCC curriculum has lessons on debugging, which might be the ideal introduction to it, but we’ll have to wait and see when it’s ready.

The Amazing Idea: (/s) Then it occurred to me the other day that I/we could set up a repository on Github for debugging exercises, it would of course be open source, free as in speech, and all that good stuff. I figure each exercise would consist of:

  1. A JS file with a specific bug (or bugs in more advanced cases)
  2. A separate file with hints as to how to find the problem and possibly the answer at the end of the file, but I don’t want to encourage peeking (cause I’m lazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, and don’t want to give myself an easy way out)
  3. An HTML file with which to test the JS code (Maybe we put the hints here)

I did some searching and found this, which is pretty much what I was thinking of, but small and copyrighted. I’d like to have something that we could work on, expand, and update as a community, a Free Code Camp Community Debugging Practice Repository, if you will. I think if we could get just a few people working on it together we could make something pretty awesome. Plus, it would be good practice collaborating on an open-source project.

What do you gals/guys think? Anyone interested? Thoughts/Suggestions/Unrelated puns welcome.

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You can check out the Debugging section of the Beta, by starting with the following intro.

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Thanks for the link :slight_smile:

It’s looking good. Do you know if there’s any intention to cover more advanced debugging scenarios?

I am not sure. At this point, the material you see is the current focus. We will not know for sure until the beta becomes the official version.

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