Debugging - Use the JavaScript Console to Check the Value of a Variable

console.log() is something that SHOULD HAVE BEEN taught within the first quarter of the freecodecamp basic javascript section

I understand learning about console.log early on can drastically help solve previous challenges, but it still falls under debugging.

it can be very simply taught as a tool to help check and debug what you’re doing early on but then also have it’s own section later on.

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That’s a great suggestion. You can maybe talk to contributors about this.

Edit: FYI, I already relayed the suggestion to them.

This is an excellent suggestion.

The existing JavaScript curriculum is in maintenance mode - we are focused on building a project-based approach similar to the new Responsive Web Design curriculum.

In this new version, console.log is taught in the first project.


Oooh, this sounds great. I’d definitely retake the JavaScript section if it was project based. Are there just plans to do this for the basic JS section or for ES6 and the other modules as well?

This is a full overhaul of the entire JavaScript certification. :grin:

Nice! Cheers for the update.

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using the console.log is so blaaah… :face_vomiting: especially when one is a beginner.

What are yolls thoughts on using alert instead. That is is what i have been using all along and it is not as dull and seems to give me the same response.
its enticing.

console.log is an important tool.

its very important. Yes. but when you are new to coding it tends to confine you within an area of boring greyness and one can never really easily comprehend and attach practical purpose of all the logic and to the use of the arrays and functions etc …and use of the code all because the mind is in the engine of the code . Its dark in there. lol

Citation needed?

It seems like its been working ok for many, many devs that come through this community.

true that!!! So it would be nice to find ways to make it easy to comprehend. especially for beginners.

I would have thought that since many people using it fine, they are actually comprehending it? :person_shrugging:

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