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var ourDecimal = 5.7;

// Only change code below this line

var ourDecimal;
ourDecimal = 2.4;  tried many number combos and extensions all the way out to 10x, i,e,  0.024, .0240000000, 2.40000000, etc.  ...tried same with other numbers but all i get is the below message????

myDecimal should be a number.
myDecimal should have a decimal point

i have read thru this question +20x trying to follow the instructions and the example but none of the many ways i have tried seems that i  just do not understand what I am being ask for and the answers being given here so far do not work when running the test.  

help would be appreciated but if like so many here, you are just going to respond to be a dick, don't bother.

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**Challenge:**  Create Decimal Numbers with JavaScript

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Create a variable myDecimal and give it a decimal value with a fractional part

I don’t see a variable with the requested name in your code

thanks for your help, i found my problem… was using “ourDecimal” as showing in the example instead of “myDecimal”… when i corrected the variable spelling error, all worked fine.

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