Declaring string variables

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I am failing to Declare double strings variables with characters.

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var firstName = "Nhlaka! ";
var lastName = "Khumalo! ";

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Challenge: Declare String Variables

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Read more closely - those aren’t the variable names you were told to use.

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Her is how I was ask to do it :point_up_2: screen shot above. I can’t seem to find where did i go wrong.

Not the variable name from the instructions. You are missing two letters at the beginning.

Same thing here.

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Thank you for your attention, if possible can you hint me or an example perhaps. Thank you.

Create two new string variables: myFirstName and myLastName

What are your variables called?


firstname = “Nhlakanipho!”;

lastName = “Khumalo!”;



The exact variable name I am quoting from your code is wrong.


Now I get, now I see thanks a lot.

Got it, Thank you.


Part of being a good developer is reading things very closely and paying attention to tiny details. Most of us had to learn this the hard way at one point or another. Some of us (myself included) had to learn it a few times before it sunk in. :wink:


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