Define a variabel state

I am writing the state in React.

How can i define a variable in the state, which refers to another state.

I tried some variations, but nothing runs.

class App extends React.Component {
  constructor(props) {
      breakLength: "5",
      sessionLength: "25",
      timeLeftMinutes: {sessionLength},
      timeLeftSeconds: "0"

Any reason why you are doing this? They are going to be duplicates.

Any reasons for not just assigning it 25? This is just the initial state, there is no need to get to fancy about it.

First off, you shouldn’t be storing numbers as strings unless they are for presentation only. Usually, you want to store numbers as numbers, then convert or coerce to a string only at the point you display them in the UI. Storing numbers as strings can lead to some weird bugs, especially if you coerce them implicitly (for example: Number(Boolean('0')) === 1).

To answer your question, though, you can define the variable before you use it within the constructor function, then set both items to the variable. Trying to set a property to a value of another property of the same object at the same time as setting that other property on the object will never work.