Define an HTML Class in JSX-passing in fcc but not in codepen

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I am passing in the fcc challenge test for this one but when I run the test in my codepen, I am not getting the output. where did i go wrong?Thanks. My codepen link is :

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const JSX = (
  <div className = 'myDiv'>
    <h1>Add a class to this div</h1>

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Hello. I never programmed for real in react, and only did the challenges like you’re doing, but if you head back to the first React challenges you see that they’re using on the challenges under the hood a ReactDOM.render(JSX, document.getElementById('root')), and maybe also are some things happening that you can’t see that allows the compilation from JSX to JavaScript, so i don’t know how to solve, but i’m pretty sure that’s the problem :slight_smile: