Deleting Forum Account

Hi everybody,

is there any way to delete my forum account?
I have already deleted my FCC account without any problem.

Thanks in advance!

If you are positive you would like to be disassociated from this account, a mod can anonymise you. We will not delete an account that has as much activity as yours, as this will disrupt the conversational flow of existing threads.

Reply to this message with absolute confirmation this is what you want, and a mod will get to you.

Do you want your account anonymised?

so you do not want anymore your account anonymized?

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Thanks very much ieahleen

I would like to delete my account but it is not possible. I understand your question = if I answer the questions of other members, I can not expect that my account should be anonymized! You are right. is not it?

I will try in the preferences to delete associated accounts!

Hello rielka,

Just to clarify: Deleting an account is not the same as making an account anonymous.

If we make your account anonymous, you will not be associated with it (the name will change), but the posts will remain.

Please respond with a β€œYes” or β€œNo”: Would you like us to anonymise your account?

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Thanks! May answer is:


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