Demographic data analyze feedback needed

Hi! I’ve fancied following data science with python course and now I’m doing my project.
Since the platform, Notebooks_, which was used before currently stopped offering service, It wasn’t smooth as much as previous courses I’ve done so far here. However I appreciate all the efforts for freeCodeCamp to give us great opportunities to experience python ! :slight_smile: I kinda like this language.

Anyway! I’ve done my second project and I passed all the tests from the test module however it took around 17 sec. I live in Italy where has the lowest internet speed among EU (what I’ve read from the article recently lol) so it could affect to the speed but I was curious if there would be the better way, faster way that I can do this project.

this is my link

And if you can have a look and even can leave me some advice, it would be really greatful.

Furthermore, I want to proceed studying data science, analysis with python I want to learn as much as I can so I can find a job in this field, I’ve looked for some non-free courses on Coursera, Udemy etc. Are there any suggestions for this ? It would be also generous if you leave me your opinion on this too.

Thank you in advance!


Hi Boyeon,

First of all thanks. During this project many a times i felt that there is something wrong with the website but when i saw your comment it made me realize that people are actually able to solve this problem.

I completed my project and noticed that it tool me a little less time. Hence sharing it with you…

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Hi bali! How’s your studying journey ? I’m still struggling with my future path while studying Django and trying to looking for jobs. I’ve felt frustrations often but somehow your comment cheered me up :smiley: haha! Happy coding!

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Hi kby ! Its going good, I try to learn something new everyday or apply what I have learned in my line of work. I think you will get a job soon, you seem to be hardworking, think of creative solutions and ask for feedback which any manager would love to have in a employee. I wish you best of luck. Happy coding ! :slight_smile: