"dev-dash" - your repo's recent activity in new Chrome tabs

Hey all,

This is my first “published” app - a Chrome new-tab override that presents a brief dashboard view of a selected GitHub repository. It installs as a Chrome browser extension and once installed, displays the dev dashboard whenever you open a new tab instead of Chrome’s traditional new tab page.

[Edit to add] You don’t need to install the Chrome extension to test it - it’s really just a static web site. Demo: https://general-meerkats.github.io/dev-dash/

There’s no back-end. It persists input data to your browser’s local storage. There’s currently no way to clear that local storage from within the app, so make sure you spell you name right on 1st load! :smiley: You can clear the app’s data from local storage manually with this console command: LS.clearData()

What’s the point of this? It’s designed to make checking repository activity more efficient. I’m participating in the Chingu cohorts, and when a team is working on a project with a tight deadline, a lot of code gets rapidly pushed to GitHub, commented on, PR’d, etc. Instead of going to GitHub and sifting through histories, this shows you all the recent events in a single view whenever you launch Chrome or open a new tab. It looks like this:

Using it

Step 1: You’ll get a modal prompt on first load - input your name (can be anything you want) and your valid GitHub username (the app checks :wink: ):

Your GitHub username is used to initially add some repos (currently your three most recently updated) to the list of tracked repositories. You can add more and remove the initial three if you want from the repo list:


Feedback welcome!



I just added this again and don’t see the GitHub integration anymore. However, I do see you’ve done a whole lot more and added considerable functionality. I really like it at the moment but don’t see a way to add the repo list?


Hi @derekh - I’m not 100% clear what you’re experiencing, but I just removed & re-added the extension on my chromium browser and everything works.

Maybe there’s a conflict with previous data in your browser’s local storage? You can clear dev-dash specific local storage values with this command in dev tools / console:


That should force you to re-“authenticate” with a GitHub account. Let me know if that fixes it.

Ok, to clarify when I added this before when we worked together for a minute, Github was the focus. It showed the repos and info. I removed it awhile back when I was testing live browser sync options editing with Vim. When I downloaded this time I did so from the Chrome store and it doesn’t seem to have that feature, maybe I’m missing something.

I tried the LS.Clear and quite certain it’s not that. Everything looks/works great it’s just totally different it seems, with a the news, weather, docs section, but I don’t see the ability to add my repo lists. I’m partly interested in this again because I’m working on a couple different dashboard projects now that are quite different than this one (Focused on Trello) but I really liked the feature you had with the Github repos available and not seeing it. I like the docs section too btw.

Oh, I know what’s going on: you found the other dev dash!

So, long after I uploaded mine to the Chrome store I discovered that there was another dev-dash. You want the one authored by belcurv, linked in the 1st post of this thread.

Ahh, ok, well then yours is better because honestly that is the most important feature to me. :slight_smile: I’ll remove this other on and install yours again because I was surprised to not see that feature available, now I know why, thank you!

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