Developer Certifications

Hello all! Self taught developer here. I have a goal of applying for jobs starting in a month or two (after I learn and build some tract projects). I was wondering, being self taught, if any development certification would help me get my foot in the door with companies. I was looking at Microsoft certs in particular. I have some freelance experience to show, but I want to have the strongest resume possible when I try to enter the field. Thanks in advance!

there are no official certifications for web development, some companies like Microsoft or Amazon may offer certifications for their own technologies, but those would help you only in specific kind of jobs
look at job postings in the area you are interested in and see how often those technologies are mentioned ot kow if it is worth it.

If you want feedback on your CV and/or portfolio you can post them in this subforum, there are a lot of awesome people willing to give feedback

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It really depends on what sort of job you want. From what I’ve seen, the certs that add the most sparkle to a resume are (relevant) AWS ones.