Developing Android Apps

I have a simple idea for a Android App for a grid/dot journal. There are other journal apps, but they aren’t quite the same. I’m not that familiar with Android programming and was wondering if anyone had suggestions for how to create an app and what skills would be best to learn to do so?

Is Android Studio the standard software for development? (It seems like they take a bit of set up, so I don’t want to get too deep into the wrong software.)

Thank you!

Android Studio is what you want yeah. You need to be familiar with Java or maybe Kotlin if you like altough if you aren’t familiar with android development i suggest you use Java because there are a lot more resources for it.

Google has a good course on Udacity you can look up. Its a pretty good place to start imo.

Good luck !

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I’m also a member of android developer ,it has been one and half a year since my first android application.Most of time,i do it all by myself,thus taking me a lot of time and low efficiency.I wish to communicate with people who are fond of android development and can exchange brilliant ideas often.

I´m learning Kotlin with Antonio Leiva, he is a very good DEV Expert. You can find lot of information of Kotlin in his blog. Take a look on his stuff, you will learn a lot:

You can also develop Android apps using HTML/CSS/Javascript. Take a look at the Apache Cordova framework. Personally, I have build an app using Cordova in 1 day, it is very simple.

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