Digital Technollogies Help Needed!


I am quite new to coding as it has become a new interest/hobby of mine. I am studying Digital Technologies as an elective at my school, specifically Web Design, HTML5, CSS and basics of JavaScript, which I have been studying for just a week so my knowledge is quite limited. I know how to do basic things and I’m hoping I can expand that knowledge by communicating in this coding forum and a few others. Right now, I don’t know how to add font into my code, which is probably really basic and fundamental in Web Design. I kind of feel like a bit of an idiot, but that is my main problem right now and I hope someone can help?

Sure we all on this forum should be able to help. I suggest you start off by going through the freecodecamp curriculum and start learning more!

If you know enough you think or want to challenge yourself, try one of those 5 challenge projects!

feeling like an idiot often means youre challenging yourself. challenge leads to growth. compare yourself only to your past self an no one else. this journey is yours, and yours alone. its long and difficult. be patient, keep your mind on your goal.