Disable logging for a particular method in python

Hey there !. I am new to programming. I made this timer program with python, the program works alright but when the program plays sounds the program logs it onto the console. How do I avoid this. This is my code:
def setsCount(workTime, restTime, sets):

	for set in range(sets):		# This function makes the function 
							# calls for the workCount and 
		second = 0			# restCount functions. It keeps 
		os.system('aplay whistle.wav')# record of the sets left.
		print('\n WORK !!\n')	
		Methods.workCount(workTime, second)

		second = 0
		os.system('aplay whistle.wav')
		print('\n REST !!\n')
		Methods.restCount(restTime, second)
		print('\n SET ' + str(set + 1) + ' COMPLETE !! \n')

The full code is a bit long. I just want to know if I could disable logging for “os.system(aplay whistle.wav)” alone. Thanks in advance.

It looks like the recommendation is to use subprocess instead of os.system: